Der Ringturm, Architektur und Kunst im Gespräch

Look forward to outstanding and special personalities from architecture and art! The talk format "Der Ringturm, Architektur und Kunst im Gespräch", moderated by Austrian Cultural Manager Gerald Matt, offers special insights into the work and approaches of architects. The talks are presented by Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein. Watch all previous discussions here (in German only):

…in dialogue with Boris Podrecca
At the beginning of 2020 “Architektur im Ringturm” dedicated an exhibition to famous Boris Podrecca. The internationally renowned architect grew up multilingually in a diverse cultural environment between Belgrade, Trieste and Vienna. These experiences are also clearly visible in his work, as he himself states: “In my conception of architecture, the form comes from the Mediterranean area, the texture from Vienna, the light from the Orient, the detail from Scandinavia – and the humour from Bosnia.”

…in dialogue with Stefan Marte
The projects of the brothers Bernhard and Stefan Marte cover a wide range from private houses to office and infrastructure buildings to cultural objects. Their designs are characterized by rigid abstraction, reduction and an unerring understanding of the respective location. Numerous competition successes and international prizes attest to the standing of the office, which is based in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg and employs around 30 people.

…in dialogue with Hemma Fasch
Born in Graz, Fasch studied architecture at the Technical University of Graz. Since 1994 in an office partnership with Jakob Fuchs, Fasch lives and works in Hausmannstätten near Graz as well as in Vienna. The architect duo has been awarded the Austrian Building Award several times, most recently in 2016 for the school and cultural centre in Feldkirchen an der Donau. The exhibition series “Architektur im Ringturm” regularly presents the winners of the Austrian Building Owner Award in the Ringturm.

…in dialogue with Marianne Durig & Ulrich Burtscher
Marianne Durig and Ulrich Burtscher were born in Vorarlberg, but live and work in Vienna. Since 2012, they have won multiple competitions. In 2020, the multi-award-winning architecture studio triumphed in the competition for the project “The Campus of Religions”. As an interreligious meeting place, it will provide space for eight religious communities and the Vienna/Krems University of Teacher Education on around 10,000 m² in the Seestadt Aspern (Vienna).